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May 26, 2015
The Great Legacy of Muhammad Ali!!
May 26, 2015
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Muhammad Ali!! The Greatest!!!

Muhammad, you’ve accomplished – What few would even dare start

The reason you succeeded – You were led by your heart

Oh yes, you’ve evolved – Far from whence you began

With just humble beginnings – You became a great man!!

G.G You were a dancer – Up on your toes

And it really served you well – Slipping millions of blows

And you spoke like a sage – And maybe you were

“Some day I’ll be the world champion” – You caused such a stir!!

You learned how to fight – To hear Joe Martin recall

Because someone stole your bike – And you wanted to brawl

You were naturally fast – But still, you would work

A sassy little kid – With that cute little smirk!!

You won the Olympics – With popularity so high

Your future was certain – And the limit was the sky

Cassius Clay fought Sonny Liston – Stinging like a bee

Out of that fight was born – The man known as “Ali”!!

Elijah Muhamad – Was a teacher to you

The Nation of Islam – Helped your strength show through

Like everything else – With time so comes growth

You evolved into greatness – But never forsaking your oath!!

And there lies the amazement – For you turned public tide

By speaking your feelings – And keeping your pride

For you money meant nothing – It was the love in your heart

You gave all that you had – Right from the start!!

Ali, my friend – I wish you the best

You’ve met every challenge – And passed every test

You life is more peaceful – With Lonnie at your side

Still spreading your love – All over the worldwide!!

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