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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Our Friend Jim Shaw

Our Friend Jim Shaw!!
By Bud Dauphin

Jim Shaw was quite a fellow – In life a true success
He worked hard in his grocery business – Straight forward without finesse
As a youngster he got no jump start – His mom was poor with four little boys
Living here and there with relatives – There wasn’t much in the way of toys!!

When he finally got back home – He found himself a job to make ends meet
A little kid with a paper route – Having spending money was bittersweet
Then cleaning floors for the Nite Owls – Many of us here did the same
Not worrying too much about school – Having money to spend, kept us in the game!!

Jim went off to Viet Nam – Answering the call like all the rest
In later years he’d remember – Being fired upon, life’s ultimate test
He told me, “Buddy Boy I was scared” – So scared I froze like ice
Jumping in a ditch with my head down – Not wanting to pay that ultimate price!!

But that’s the way Jim was – Truth was truly his friend
He’d look you in the eye – Good or bad, he wouldn’t pretend
When the group would get together – That class of “63”
The stories would be told and retold – And seldom, would any of us agree!!

When Jim and Kathy melded families – A miracle seemingly took place
Everyone loved each other – Some might call it a moment of “grace”
But the grandkids were most important – Jim loved them one and all
He made them each feel special – Papa left memories that each of them will recall!!

When Jim was told of his lung affliction – No self pity did he show
He jumped right onto the Internet – Doing research so he’d know
The good, the bad and the ugly – Jim kept digging for the truth
Finding others with the same affliction – Making new friends, he became a medical sleuth!!

He knew his days were numbered – But he continued to march on
Working less to spend time with the family – Reconnecting with friends long gone
He attended Army reunions – Time with the grandkids was priority one
Jim would debate anyone on anything – One trait remained constant, Jim was fun!!

When he saw the end was coming – That survival was pretty slim
He thanked his entire family – For loving each other, that was Jim
He wanted to leave with dignity – To Kathy, it was his last request
Loving Jim to the very end – She assured him of his peaceful rest!!

On April 5th Jim departed – Our wonderful friend lost his earthly flame
Our “Sparrow” winged his way to heaven – That was his internet sign-in name
Let’s all remember the good times – And those pork chops with that special spice
Right now I can hear him laughing – “Folks, let me give you some advice”!!

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