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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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President’s Column April 2006

If you missed Ladies Night – It’s too bad for you

14 couples participated – We had fun the whole night through

We ate at the Legion Hall – Then we all got on a bus

It really all went smooth – With no muss or fuss!!

Our seats were the best – Right down in the first two rows

Lions Toews and Kostick – Truly picked out a funny show

Everyone related and laughed – Some had tears in their eyes

I won’t give too much detail – Just ask one of the guys!!

If you are married – And over 50 years old

Then you and your loved ones – Didn’t need to be told

What they were laughing at – From the start to the end

And if you were Lutheran – There was more humor which to contend!!

Anyway, it was a nice evening – And all had fun with a laugh

With the club paying for the ladies – The price was cut in half

Then on Saturday,April 1st Eight of us toured the U

 The eye and ear research center – It’s amazing what they do!!

As a Lion we should all be proud – For the research we helped create

We were thanked over and over – For the money the Lions donate

And now to our next event – It might even be our Governors pet project

Sight First II on April 23rd – Where more money we can collect!!

It’s a walk at Minnehaha Falls – Lion Linder is in charge

Being a right hand Lion to the governor – Kind of like his Sarge

It’s an easy way to help – The Fridley Lions will sponsor you

Just show up and sign up – That’s all you have to do!!

Each of us that walks – And that includes you, a spouse or friend

The club donates $50 per person – Raising a lot of money in the end

And you also get a T-Shirt – And it really should be fun

And some of us need the exercise – Since we’re all too heavy to run!!

You’ll also get to meet Lions – From clubs all over the place

All with one common goal – Helping others, not just filling up space

So come on April 23rd – And be sure to bring a friend

Call Lions Steve or Bud – For questions on how to attend!!

Lion Bud Dauphin

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