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May 26, 2015
A Toast to the Bride and Groom!
May 26, 2015
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Queen For A Day!

Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday – And you should be Queen For A day

The things you’ve accomplished – Takes a little time to say

You raised Amy and me – With no help that was seen

And you did it with “Chutzpah” – You’ve always been our Queen!!

You started out small – And accomplished what few men have done

A real estate brokers license – And your willingness to run

From there you franchised – And the big boys started to see

Buying up your company – But keeping you as part of their coterie!!

You’re known for your parties – With 200 friends to break the fast

Cooking Gravloux, veal chops or sea bass – Everyone has a blast

What might seem like work – For you is just plain fun

It helps you relax – With a loving heart for everyone!!

Words to describe you – Flow like water from a Brook

Beautiful, elegant, classy and magnanimous – You’re even a great cook

You love family and friends – Always volunteering to entertain

You’re an incredible “Fireball” – Which we’ve yet to hear complain!!

You help out the needy – And raise money for many a cause

The arts, Jewish Federation and Israel Bonds – You work hard without pause

To all of the grand kids – “Bubbie” is your name

You don’t look like a “Bubbie” – More like a beautiful “Grand Dame”!!

When it comes to family – You might say, we have a small crowd

Of each and every one of them – Our Queen is quite proud

There’s me and Stephen – And our daughter Joann

Joann’s partner Amy – Who’s also part of the clan!!

When it comes to “Power Shopping” – No equal to you can be found

You love to play cards and travel – At Mahjong, you’re renowned

But when it comes to your daughters – We were treated like Princess’ next in line

To follow the Queen in succession – It was really quite divine!!

One of the great joys in our lives – Is our annual trip to the Spa

A time for us to share and enjoy – And mix with the refined Bourgeois

We have many laughs together – Three ladies on retreat

It means so very much to us – Joann and I really think it’s neat!!

So with all of this said and done – Would you all join me in a toast

To her Royal Highness the Queen – And also the number one host

We want you to know we love you – And appreciate all that you do

You deserve all that you have – Our number one Mother and Bubbie to!!

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