Our Friend Jim Shaw
May 26, 2015
May 26, 2015
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Savanna, Illinois Class of 1962, 40 Year Class Reunion

Class reunions are special – A chance to see old friends

Rekindle those special bonds – Sometimes even make amends

Well, Savanna’s alumni classmates – Are the same as all the rest

But the stories get much bigger – To this I can personally attest!!

We’ve got Fat Jack Mills – With brothers Paul and Ed

The stories they tell – Can keep an imagination well fed

Ed still remembers his old football team – And who played to his right

You think it’s not impressive – Hey that was 1952, now it’s not so trite!!

Paul just retired from the railroad – It was this very day, in fact

A 42 year long career – But that had very little impact

The story he’s most proud of – And will fight hard to defend

His 1956 grade school basketball team – Champions, he’s quite proud of my friend!!

Then we’ve got Fat Jack – No, he’s no ordinary guy

He owns most of Texarkana – And the rest he wants to buy

He still fights and bounces – And frankly still strong as an Ox

And he’s still got a crush on Lois – Now isn’t that a paradox!!

And we have big Neal Dauphin – Who wasn’t as immersed in the past

Now, he sells for Ruan Trucking – His old girl Sue Avery still thinks he’s unsurpassed

Big Dave Cook, our Cooker – Had stories he loved to tell

His best was about fighting Dave Lahre – At the end, Lahre didn’t look too well!!

Jill Schuyler, Ruthy and Honey – Sat and watched the drama unfold

With Joan Gale and Kathy – It was a comedy to truly behold

Jim Shaw kept moving – He’d heard most of the stories before

He’d buy a couple of beers – And ask a question to get to the core!!

We talked about our Coach – Mr. Shimp our best role model for sure

We’d stopped earlier in the day – Even his memory supplied some folklore

Was or wasn’t Paul Mills – Thrown out of the DeWitt football game

Paul swears he was thrown out – Coach’s story isn’t the same!!

Charlie Dauphin and Bob Kappas – Dropped by and added some charm

They were more willing to listen – To the Truth Stretchers this caused alarm

For when you’re in the rhythm – And the truth you’ve left behind

To make a story charming or funny – This is a distraction upon your mind!!

One fellow who will remain nameless – Was remembered by one and all

None of us remember him even fighting – His mind recalls a weekly brawl

And so on and on it went – With Paul Gale sitting there amused

That’s when he turned to me – Causing everyone to get confused!!

Hey Rhymer, will you help me – Can you put all of this in rhyme

I said, get me a pen and paper – Maybe there’s still time

And I started jotting notes – And I noticed I got more respect

Everyone was posing and posturing – Being more polite than you’d expect!!

Everyone except the Ballas boys – No way were they impressed

Jeff and John especially – Wait until tomorrow they both stressed

Our little brother, Big Jim – Will be coming into town

At 6 foot six and 240 – Some of you might be going down!!

No one seemed to tremble – For in the back of every mind

“If they’re lieing the way I am – Big Jim is probably slender and kind

One fellow who was a legend – Ernie Valladares was his name

Was a boxer and steelworker – But looking quite fit all the same!!

He must have been a jab and weaver – And a heavyweight no less

For his face had nary a scar – Most former fighters look a mess

And I musn’t forget my cousins – Cheryl Grinnell and husband Doug

It was nice just to talk about family – And to get a familiar hug!!

Her parents, Gladys and Albert Grinnell – Sixty short years they’ve been wed

They even had some stories – Those about me I won’t spread

And the Adamssisters from Hanover– As well as Diane and Gloria my cousins

They babysat when we were little – They had stories by the dozen!!

PeeWee James the best story teller of all – Was caught working the nite shift

But we made a special effort – So he could share his special gift

We caught him after he woke up – And Jim Shaw was quick to add

I think Terry is our smartest classmate – In our class that’s not too bad!!

Class reunions are fun – And I urge all to try to attend

Don’t get hung up on the details – Old memories will unsuspend

Some of your friends will look younger – And some will look quite old

Are you Ruth Ann Parker the drum majorette – It just continues to unfold!!

And finally who walks in – Fred Ernst and youngest son Dick

In high school Dick was a very nice guy – And his smile still comes quick

So that was the class reunion – And I hope you’re getting the gist

By the way, if Fat Jack did it once – By him 40 young girls got kissed!!

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