Good Bye to Kevin Love
May 26, 2015
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Schaaf Floral Tip


Schaaf floral flower Tip!!

Did you know that flowers – When placed in a room

Make people feel happy – Where there might have been gloom

Oh yes, it is true – Some university did the test

Interviewing women – And this part is the best

They would show the ladies pictures – Of men in a room

When flowers were present – Now don’t try to presume

Yes, they found those men attractive – But now listen to this

When shown the same men – All was not bliss

Where there were no flowers – Being shown on the test

Now if you’ve jumped way ahead – Then you might have already guessed

Ladies find flowers romantic – So guys, let’s get in the game

Present your lady with flowers – And light up that flame

So as you gaze at this video – And what do you see

But The rhymer with flowers – Oh yes, romantic ME

Send them to downtown Minneapolis – Delivered just for you

To that special person or loved one – They’ll appreciate it through and through!!

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