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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Thank You Coach Herb Brooks!!

We lost a special person – A coach through and through

You won their young hearts – In a way that very few can do

You not only led by example – Always walking the walk

But you were never too busy – Just to sit down and talk!!

Though some disagreed with you – On the mechanics of the game

None challenged your sincerity – Or tried to blacken you name

In Minnesota, you were Mr. Hockey – And even you were unaware

How much we all respected you – And the game you loved to share!!

I personally remember – when my little boy would exclaim

“I’m going to Herb Brooks Camp” – At seven, that was his claim to fame

And he always returned home excited – And each year he improved

But what we noticed most of all – Any bad attitude had been removed!!

For you taught your kids to play – Quite hard and always to win

But when a loss occurred – Shake your opponent’s hand with a grin

You were always looking – For a smarter way to play the game

And that’s how you did it – In “1980″ to world acclaim!!

You were the great motivator – Knowing when and how to get tough

But also knowing when to pamper – Recognizing when they’d had enough

Maybe your most famous quote – The one that increased your fame

“Gentlemen, It will be with you the rest of your life – if you lose this game”!!

Coming from behind they beat Finland – As you left the arena in haste

When asked about your exit – Once again you showed your good taste

“It was their moment in history – For it was they who won the game”

Later you choked up teary eyed – Without an ounce of shame!!

You never lost track of your roots – Always loyal to St. Paul’s “East Side”

And they returned that loyalty – You gave them quite the exciting ride

Never one to miss a chance – To talk to a stranger on the street

And when little kids asked a question – Warm, loving eyes they’d meet!!

It was such a tragic loss – As the hockey world was quick to say

Turning out from near and far – On a hot and mournful day

But even as you moved on – Leaving a legacy of which you can be proud

You left us one last message – “Buckle UP” so clear and loud!!

Thanks Herbie!!

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