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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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Thank You Jill!!

It all really started – A little more than a year ago

Jim Shaw and Charlie Dauphin – Were discussing the reunion show

Then I got involved – And it was time for things to be done

So we put our heads together – And decided to make it fun!!

This event is very special – After all, it’s been 40  years

So everyone must get notified – By reliable volunteers

We turned and took a look – Deciding none of us fit the bill

Individually we gave it some thought – And came up with the name, Jill!!

She seemed the perfect choice – And was more than happy to assist

So we divided up the duties – Each of us with a list

Who knew who and where – Were they living ten years ago

Each of us contributed – As our list began to grow!!

Now we all went home – And the emails began to fly

Jill, you’re doing a great job – “Thank you” came her reply

By the way, we voted you Chairman – Good luck dear friend

If there’s anything we can do – On us you can truly depend!!

At another level Jill knew the score – And just kept plugging away

Working alone in solitude – Throughout the long winter day

Lining up the restaurant – Emailing new information out

Screaming in frustration – Sometimes even cursing with a shout!!

The date of “The All Class Reunion” – Is normally the same each year

But some moron changed it – The communication channel wasn’t clear

No one bothered to tell anyone – Or spread the word around

Jill expressed her frustration – Her emails were quite profound!!

I won’t even quote her – But she knew she had my support

I told her it would all work out – It gave her much comfort

And low and behold it did – We’ve made it to the end

And Jill, the boys were correct – On you, we could depend!!

So each and every one of us – Guilt laden that we are

And to show our appreciation – For Jill, our reunion Star

We’ve brought you some gifts – To honor the work you’ve done

And to thank you for the reunion – Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the 50th one!!

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