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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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The Dauphin Clan

The Dauphin Clan!!

We all flew into Phoenix – For a great get together and fun

The weather was perfect – Not too hot and plenty of sun

Neal and Sheron hosted us – With Pizza and beer at their house

We all were quite excited – Believe it or not, every single spouse!!

Tracy was there with Leander – Whom Honey and I had never met

There was Nadine, their oldest daughter – And Milo, Mr. High Energy you can bet

And I can’t forget Olin – A true artist, you could see at a glance

And Lyle, the athlete of the family – On a soccer field he can prance!!

Tracy was overheard saying – “I wasn’t planning on having any kids”

Your body is like a boiling pot – Sometimes you have to put on the lid

I for one was glad she did – For the excitement that they brought

Everyone got along so well – Unbelievable, they never fought!!

We can’t forget Simone and Jim – Along with Michael and the Little Guy

The last time I saw Cameron – He was a skinny five year old small fry

Now he’s almost six feet tall – But still a polite and friendly kid

Along with his brother Michael – Who’s a star lineman on the football grid!!

Simone showed some of her dance moves – And led us in a song

When your singing around a fire pit – Who cares if the words are wrong

 Amy and Kevin and “Spencer Bud” – That’s what I call their son

He’s a cute little go getter – Who’s always on the run!!

Amy had on a special shirt – Which went over everybody’s head

It was a scan of the coming attraction – Spencer Bud will giving up his baby bed

Alex was there with Joelle – The new love of his life

There was much quiet speculation – About Joelle becoming his wife!!

But I am no rumor monger – Just a guy who turns words to rhyme

And a guy who teases his little brother – Pretty much all of the time

Eddie got out the Jet Ski – And pulled everyone around the lake

He tied on an inner tube – And bounced them through the wake!!

It truly was a big hit – When asked, every kid had fun

When Eddie got tired – Alex drove until the job was done

Stephanie was at the party – With Spencer Bud by the hand

She seemed to be his favorite – She reacted to do his every command!!

We went to a Cowboy Bar – Which featured watching Bull Rides

At one point we lost Cameron – Jim started looking a little wide eyed

But everything turned out okay – Cameron was enjoying the night

Watching the bull rides from under a tree – Totally unaware of the frantic sight!!

Richie and Joan also attended – With a wonderful, wonderful surprise

A song about the Mighty Dauphin’s – Which we sang with tears in our eyes

But first there was a rehearsal – Where the young kids learned the song

Once a teacher, always a teacher – No one got anything wrong

Richard caused quite a stir – He wanders off without a word

Suddenly Joan asks, “Where’s Richie” – And not a sound is heard!!

One time he was sitting in the van – Waiting for Joan, so he could go to bed

Another time he was sitting on a curb – Letting the sun shine on his head

Spencer Bud also disappeared – He was standing by Kevin’s car waiting to go

He’d heard that they were leaving – He didn’t want to hold up the show!!

Simone and her crew went horseback riding – Along with Stephanie, Alex and Joelle

But it also included throwing a tomahawk – And shooting a gun as well

I heard Alex scored the highest – With the gun and the tomahawk

Everyone had a real fun time – Which was really no big shock!!

Alex was wearing his colors – Of the gang in which he rides

That’s the Shakopee Fire Department – In his eyes you can see the pride

Neal, Joan and Marcia – Went to the Heard Museum along with me

They were having a Hopi carving show – Something we wanted to see!!

Honey bought some art work – You could see as she held it in her hand

That we were taking it home – When art attracts you, it’s a strong demand

Then the young kids went go carting – Which I hear was truly a blast

Once again Alex was a leader – Can this competitive spirit last!!

I guess it can, just take a look – Eddie would kill, just to win

Nothing is funnier than he and Steph – They start arguing before the game even begins

But all in all we had a blast – Ed and Cheryl provided Sunday Brunch

We were hungry and it hit the spot – We ate again and called it lunch!!

And suddenly it was over – As fast as it all began

Honey and I headed for the airport – As we bid farewell to all of our Clan

Everyone else went hiking with Neal – That is the under “60″ group

Neal said they were strung way out – He felt like he had an Army Troup!!

We came to many conclusions – In retrospect thinking back in review

Tracy and Leander should be proud – Of their polite and wonderful crew

Cameron and Michael were also fun – So Simone and Jim hold your heads high

I hope we can do it again soon – As I write this last line with a little sigh!!

Bud The Rhymer aka Bud aka Erv aka Erwin

P.S. Something I forgot

As I was standing in the shower – At the local sports and health club

I remembered something important – That I’d made somewhat of flub

I forgot Joan took pictures of the family – And published them in a book

A pictorial journey of the Dauphin’s – A lot of time it must of took

And it cost a little money – As they were bound and looked really nice

So Joany we thank you – And now this is the end twice!!

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