Muhammad Ali!! The Greatest!!!
May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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The Great Legacy of Muhammad Ali!!

Ali, Truly The Greatest!!

Being complimented for greatness – By men you’ve beaten in the ring

Must truly touch your spirit – And cause your heart to sing

After watching the video – And listening to your opponents of the past

Expressing the great respect they have for you – I know your legacy will last and last

George Chuvalo and Henry Cooper – Told of your incredible skill in the ring

Even after your retirement, in their hearts – You were still the king

Ron Lyle and Kenny Norton – Have this love that you instilled

Without the chance you gave them – Their lives would still be unfulfilled

Leon Spinks knew that he was fortunate – Winning the championship from you

Everyone wanted to fight him – He promised you a rematch, to his word he stayed true

Earnie Shaver lost a close one – But without a word of regret or rage

He appreciated the chance you gave him – Up on that championship stage

Ernie Terrell and you had your differences – In the end he has the highest regard

You gave them each time in the lime light – But all of them knew who starred

The three years you were suspended – Standing up for your beliefs with will and nerve

Ron Lyle respected your decision – He lost a brother in Viet Nam where he went to serve

He said when he buried his brother – A part of his mother got buried to

He said, “Ali stayed true to his convictions – Something many are afraid to do”

George Foreman said something interesting – He was afraid of a Frazier fight

But being the number one contender – He got in the ring with Joe that night

After defeating Joe Frazier – George Foreman spoke from his heart

If I’d have fought Frazier before Ali did – I’d have been taken apart

Those two guys were warriors – Fighting to the bitter end

Neither of them was the same fighter – Even long after they were on the mend

That was the beginning – Of the match the world wanted to see

Foreman and Ali in Africa – Where the championship fight was to be

Foreman said he’d never been so relaxed – With not the least bit of fear

He’d beaten Frazier and Norton – In his mind an easy win was very clear

When you went on the ropes – He thought he could put you away

Blasting away at your body – And this is what you had to say

“Is that all you’ve got George” – You whispered in his ear

In the eighth round it was over – And the crowd let out a cheer

But Foreman was very philosophical – When speaking of that fight so long ago

“The best punch of the fight was never thrown” – Something most people don’t know

When I was falling to the canvas – Ali held back his cocked right hand

I myself would have thrown that punch – And Ali could have made it land

That act proved in my mind – He was the best fighter I ever fought

Of course I was devastated after the fight – But Ali was smart and could fight, I got caught

But the man you literally tormented – Joe Frazier, for whatever reason you had

In the end had tears in his eyes – Over your health problems, he was sad

So Ali, I salute you – You lived your life at full speed

Always staying true to yourself – Keeping you’re self respect was your special need

And in the end, we must each judge ourselves – For that’s all we have in the end

Was it worth it and are we fulfilled – I sincerely hope you are, my friend!!

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