May 26, 2015
Man In The Jug Award For Lack Of Corporate Greed
May 26, 2015
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The Today Show!! Written in 2001

I got the surprise of my life – Which everyone deserves

Their fifteen minutes of fame – But it is hard on the nerves

Amy Wasserstrom and Bob Faw – Came rolling into town

To do a story about Bud The Rhymer – A profession not quite so renown!!

They were laid back and relaxed – And by any standard, quite nice

They seemed fascinated that any one – Would pay my hefty price

At five dollars per line – The average toast might cost

One hundred and forty dollars – Their fascination wasn’t lost!!

Bob asked the usual questions – “Bud, how did this all begin?”

Selling Wedding Toasts on the internet – As I answered with a boyish grin

My friend Bob and I – Were sitting in the Modern Café

Down inNortheast Minneapolis– On kind of a dreary day!!

He was nervous about a wedding – And a toast he had to give

Standing up in front of people – Makes a person want to not live

He suddenly exclaimed – Hey, why don’t you write me a rhyme

A toast for the wedding – I bet it’ll catch on over time!!

And that was the beginning – And it’s grown a lot since then

Then Bob asked my favorite format – Eulogies because they’re much like Zen

I give a piece of myself – Coming from the Soul as I write

They’re words from a higher power – That give comfort as you recite!!

Then Amy did her magic – Asking to see a Minnesota map

She thumbed through it swiftly – And gave her hip a slap

Where or where is Sleepy Eye – She asked with a little grin

A couple hours from here – A cute little town where the people are genuine!!

They talked to my Honey – And asked how she felt

When I wrote her a rhyme – That caused her heart to melt

It was on her birthday – And was the day that I knew

After writing her a love poem – Rhyming, was something I needed to do!!

They bid us good-bye – After arrangements had been made

For them to film a Memorial Service – But they didn’t want to invade

So they sought and received – Permission to just film while unobtrusive

And record the Eulogy I wrote – Which turned out to be an exclusive!!

The family was happy – For at the service end

They released live butterflies – Which was for all to comprehend

Joanne’s soul going to heaven – But one butterfly refused to fly

It stayed on her granddaughters shoulder – Bringing a tear to every eye!!

Eventually after waiting – Some say five minutes or more

It winged its way to heaven – That was Joanne’s soul for sure

That evening I had my surgery – Which I’d been waiting for all day

The next day came a call – Wondering if The Rhymer was okay!!

Bob Faw had made the call – To verify my surgery went all right

Watching NBC July 4th – He was in Sleepy Eye that night

And why did Amy choose Sleepy Eye – You won’t find out from me and Honey

But it was a good piece – Which is why Amy & Bob get the big money!!

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