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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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“Val’s Birthday Toast”

Let’s please take this moment to cherish a gal.

A precious sweet lady we all love named “Val”

Four decades of living, but you wouldn’t have guessed.

She looks “29” and by her we are blessed.

As quite a young girl, she grew up abroad.

Her family loves Jesus, for that we applaud.

From Venezuela to Rockford, Val gets around.

She’s a practical jokester, a bi-continent clown!

A homeschoolin’ mama, a devoted wife,

All people are cared for in Val Bubnack’s life.

From her “Roarin’ 20’s” to a fated blind date,

That “cherry stem thing” won over her mate.

Known to Randy as “Ball”, Val made him a Daddy.

Then came to the world, Kali, Caleb, Sam,……. Maddi.

Fancied a painter by her poor kitchen walls.

Val’s oft’ times a widow when basketball calls.

Enchanted by snowmen, and Lonestar for dinner,

If she counts you her friend, you know you’re a winner.

But don’t try to win, versus Val any day.

Her competitive nature will come out to play.

From walks in the morning to church acted dramas,

Val’s witty and honest, and one loyal mama!

So to properly honor the day of Val’s birth.

Let’s lift up our glasses and show what’s she’s worth.

A  “thank you” dear friend, for all that you do.

And a thanks to our Lord for making you “you”.

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