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May 26, 2015
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May 26, 2015
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What’s It All About

Sometimes I get mad – I think I could scream

Are people this thoughtless – Do they try to be mean

In better reflection – With help from above

There’s really no motive – They just need a shove!!

For each of us thinks – The world revolves around us

Other people have lives too – So don’t make such a fuss

We’re each here to study – And learn about life

Get connected to the Higher Power – And not worry about strife!!

What happens is silly – But not at the time

When earning a living – You walk a fine line

For failure is scary – What will others say

What Higher Power??- I’ve got work to do today!!

And so it keeps going – Then  suddenly we’re  old

And those times we were slighted – Don’t seem quite so bold

Although none of us know it – How it feels laid to rest

I suspect we’ll be wishing – We’d given it our best!!

Like worrying about money – How much do you need

I want something better – Than this thing we call greed

So start working harder – Forgive as you go

Because no one is perfect – And each of us know!!

Cancel the resentment – Put love in it’s place

I’ll bet the results – Will put a smile on your face

For death is no ending – Although some might think so

You’re at a new beginning – Believe and you will know!!

Bud The Rhymer

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