Rhymes For Holidays and Special Events

Rhymes from Rhymelines are a special tribute for every occasion. Whether it is the acknowledgment of a successful sports career, a graduation, and admired friend, or an old scoutmaster that you owe a thank you to. Rhymes fit every occasion with a special flair.

You can even create your own special holiday with a rhyme from Rhymelines. They make great gifts when they are framed and will bring a chuckle to readers for years to come.

If you want to celebrate it, we will make a rhyme for it! Call us today.

Example Holiday Toasts

A Lion That Roars!!

Here’s to a Fridley Lion – Who has truly helped this club
He’s active, fun loving and funny – At home or in a pub
Lion of the year he’s won – At least two times or more
When it comes to spread sheets and numbers – His ability you can’t ignore!!

He’s presently head referee – Of the State High School League
In charge of the wrestling officials – A job with much intrigue
He started out at the bottom – After his college wrestling career
Always eager to lend a hand – He’s truly a Lion, he’s made that clear!!

But first let’s share some stories – About this well rounded guy
He’s literally a local legend – Not quiet, laid back and shy
On a trip to the wrestling finals – Lion Ron had a left handed car
That’s a car that wouldn’t turn right – I know this sounds bazaar!!

So down and back to Ames Iowa – Left hand turns were all he made
Dawn Meyers was riding along – So the truth in this case is hard to evade
Now back in his high school days – He wrestled for the state championship
If the match had lasted 5 seconds longer – Ackerman would have won, he had more zip!!

Told by a local wrestling coach – Who witnessed our man at the scene
Wrestlers are a funny breed – With a couple in our club, you know what I mean
Lion Ron has chaired the softball tournaments – That are run with precision and grace
Everything is on a spreadsheet – With every “I” dotted and in place!!

When the Fridley Lions ran into trouble – Not knowing what a budget was
How much we’d given to whom – And the club members were all a buzz
Up stepped the man with the spreadsheet – With a plan we all embraced
Set aside what you’ll need for the future – So we don’t end up broke and disgraced!!

Oh there’s just one more story – Lion Glaser and I heard this first hand
Lion Ackerman after a softball tournament – Picked up a hitchhiking, homeless man
He then took the guy bar hopping – There was just one hitch in this scene
Ron’s buddy who had ridden along – Had to call his wife who was not so serene!!

Lion Ron has also streamlined our new web site – To quote Lion Wiborg, we’ve gone green
What a beautiful job he’s done – You should all take a look on your computer screen
Lion Golden perhaps said it best – When summing up what he’s seen over the years
“This guy is so smart he makes it look simple” – Lion Ackerman never looks for cheers!!

So Lion Ron we thank you – You’ve been a great role model for all to see
Whatever you’re strength is, use it – I think each of us would agree
Next year you’ll be our President – So I’m sure there will be more to come
I’ll leave you all with this last thought – Always, I mean always, move away from the thumb!!
Lion Bud Dauphin 10/2009

Thank You Mrs. Favre!!

Who are we trying to kid – When it comes to having Bret
It wasn’t just his decision – On that you can place a big bet
His daughter was cool – And kept her opinion on hold
Until that first day of school – When she let daddy be told!!

Then the stars went into alignment – And the Gods took over the ship
You said you were feeling good – Your passes still had some zip
You probably couldn’t do everything – That your mind might expect
But there’s nothing like Sunday football – It’s a game you totally respect!!

The Viking fans are in a frenzy – The number “4” is selling fast
The naysayers are also busy – Saying, “No way, your arm just won’t last
But I personally think them wrong – You’ve brought something only money can buy
Hope for an emerging franchise – Riding on the shoulders of one great guy!!

Each day the news gets better – Brett Favre will start the 2nd Exhibition game
He’ll only play a series or two – Afterwards everyone will exclaim
It’s the best thing that could happen – We’ve truly got a chance this year
When he takes to the field, just listen – It will be a roar, not a cheer!!

It’ll be fun to watch the “Cheeseheads” – When the Packers come to town
They’ll totally look befuddled – When Favre gets that big first down
Do we cheer or do we boo – They won’t know what to do
I’m thinking it won’t matter – By the time the Vikings get through!!

But back to my original thesis – Mrs. Favre, thank you for giving a nod
I know without your blessing – We’d still be waiting for that act of God
I don’t know what your thoughts were – But I’m glad it all worked out
History is in the making – Brett said, “My legacy is my own”, no doubt!!

My Friend Ricky Boy!!

When I first met Ricky Boy – Both of us were young men
Working for the Minneapolis City Attorney – Him sincere, me a comedienne
He had a heart that was soft – Wanting to help those in need
He wasn’t in it for the money – He was a very rare breed!!

He got into trouble with the boss – He felt prostitution should be legalized
Ricky didn’t want to prosecute them – Over this he agonized
He wrote a detailed proposal – And won a federal grant
For a victim diversion program – For the underdog Ricky was vigilant!!

When Minneapolis got basketball – And the Timber Wolves were born
Ricky Boy had season tickets – Sitting there with his popcorn
He loved to eat chocolate – Always having a hidden stash
It picked him up in the afternoon – So his energy wouldn’t crash!!

He was the epitomy of style – Dressing sharp as can be
And he truly was a “Chick Magnet” – But that was easy to see
The trait I admired most – Was he truly cared about folks
Oh, he could be tough – But he could also laugh at a joke!!

When he met Dee Dee – He found the love of his life
They dated for a while – Then she became his wife
What he wanted more than anything – Was a child of his own
Dee Dee wasn’t excited about this – And she let it be known!!

Finally she relented – And in 1986 the bells did toll
The Enga’s got their Jenny – And Ricky Boy finally felt whole
That’s when I lost track – And we went our separate ways
And I regret the days we lost – But remember how we used to play!!

And now my friend is ill – Pancreatic cancer he had
But he didn’t give up – Even when his prognosis was bad
The Dr’s feel he’s recovered – After a long, long fight
When I heard I gave a call – Much to both of our delight!!

Now we’re meeting for lunch – To catch up on old times
Both of us older men – Admittedly past our primes
But we truly have much to say – Filling in all of the holes
Two old friends talking – Unafraid to bare their souls!!

Happy Graduation Jillian!!

You’re graduating from college – It’s truly hard to believe
These four years have flown by – In that little time, so much did you achieve
You planned and worked hard – And were diligent to the nth degree
You landed a job before graduation – You’re a winner, it’s plain to see!!

You’ve seen and done more – Than most experience in a lifetime
But now that you’ve graduated – You’ll be on your own dime
The Jersey Girl is just a loaner – Mom’s car, for those who don’t know
But climbing Mt. Killamangiro – I’ll help and applaud you for wanting to go!!

Other far flung travels – Are open to negotiations I guess
But we’re proud of your accomplishments – And your future is sure to impress
The number of times in Copenhagen – Where you fell upon the ice
Is probably a record in itself – But for fun and adventure, you’ll pay any price!!

So, to our caring and giving daughter – Mom and I salute our little girl
Who has made all of us quite proud – While navigating life in a wild swirl
You love helping young children – And are true to your friends
We love you and are proud of you – Today, is the message we send!!

Happy Graduation!!

Good-Bye and Good Luck!!
From all your family and friends

You two have made quite a choice – To just pull up stakes and leave
No job or prospects of one – You must have something up your sleave
We certainly will miss you – And we know it will all work out
Because positive attracts positive – And both of you are that no doubt!!

Your marriage is like a rock – With three kids in a three year spree
Brendan who’s like his father – Precocious Julie who’s pretty as can be
With Paige bringing up the rear – Looking like Daddy but Mom’s little star
The all american family – Rather normal, which in itself is bizarre!!

Patty is more flamboyant and loud – Compulsive, horny and fun
Rich is witty, clean and anal – The more practical and asexual one
Patty went to Mount Mattress – We don’t know how well she did
Rich matriculated in Florida – Where being hung well, wasn’t hid!!

Patty can’t keep a secret – But she’s a wonderful mother, sister and friend
She’s also a friend to the friendless – With a giving spirit that won’t offend
She truly enjoys the good life – But it isn’t something she needs
Though with her personality – Patty just naturally succeeds!!

Rich is well manicured and clean – With a conservative appearance and wit
God blessed him with nice hair – Being well endowed he’ll admit
They both love food and entertaining – And traveling they truly enjoy
They like sex in kinky places – But not with any sex toy!!

Rich and Patty we’ll miss you – Our loss is North Carolina’s gain
We hope you find what you’re looking for – But it still causes us pain
So as you make your exit – Keep this thought in mind
We love you, miss you and please visit – Those family and friends you left behind!!