Wedding Toasts and Rhymes

Best man Speeches

Our most popular Rhymes are for weddings. Best man speeches as well as best man toasts are very popular as well as the Maid of honor speeches. What is funny is the most searched for term for us is “Best man speech” spelled wrong as “best man speach”. It just shows you that those best men need us badly! Make sure you give us plenty of juicy stuff on the groom but remember that you still want him to be married the next day so be selective!

Maid of honor speeches

The big problem with maid of honor speeches is that they often times get too long and emotional so we can help hit the highlights while making it fun. You will be the queen of the ball making certain to smoke the best man but not take any attention away from the bride. Remember to give us plenty of fun stuff that will make her heart soar with wonderful memories.

Father of the Bride

The wedding day can be as emotionally hard on the Father of the bride and/or/ groom as it is on any one, so let us lighten up the affair with a lot of fun memories about those married children of yours in a fun Wedding day rhyme. Don’t forget the embarrassing stuff that you have been saving for this day. We can pay them back for all those times when they…, well you know what I am talking about!

Everybody Else

We can also do wedding day poems and wishes for Moms. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and even just friends. You tell us the dirty little secrets and we will make them come to life with humor yet tasteful.

Example Rhymes for Weddings

Best Man Speeches

A Toast to Cat & Jay!!

I rise for a toast – To my cousin Jay, the groom
But first some history – Before I resume
Jay and I grew up together – In fact he’s my best friend
We’re also business partners – So a lot of time together we spend!!

Now Cat is a ballerina – And she truly loves to dance
While her day job is being a nurse – She just oozes elegance
This engagement was truly romantic – And an interesting story to boot
Cat was dancing in Cinderella – And Jay being quite astute!!

Presented Cat with a glass slipper – After the performance was through
And in it was an engagement ring – As any Prince Charming would do
He asked her to be his Cinderella – Now how romantic is that?
Which led to today’s events – Jay and his new bride, Cat!!

Now Jay has a couple of passions – And Texas Hold em ranks quite high
So for his bachelor party – To Atlantic City we took our guy
And lo and behold, please listen – Our Jay won the tournament
Beating out all comers – Not only fun, but time well spent!!

His other passion is Ford Mustangs – He’s rebuilding one of his own
It’s orange and a beauty – All of us boys have dreams, even when we’re grown
And Cat drives a Ford herself – Not quite the power of a Mustang
But she loves her Ford Focus – It makes her feel like one of the gang!!

One last detail you might not know – Jay used to play in a band
Having long hair and sideburns – With his guitar, he took command
Now it’s time for the toast – To this new bride and groom
Would you all please join with me – Each of you in this room!!

May your love continue to grow – May all your dreams come true
May your lives be filled with joy – And may you love the things you do
May you wake each morning smiling – And exchange a kiss each night
For this match is made in heaven – And we all know, it’s just right!!

A Toast to Jess & Pete

I rise for a toast – Since I’m the Best Man
But first a little background – As no one else really can
I’ve been friends with Pete – Since 2000 in High School
His middle name is Rodney – Which he hates, and I’m cruel!!

He loves drinking Bud Light – Which he does to excess
Pete’s mother has rescued us – Too many times to confess
By hauling us home – After over imbibing all night
When we’re drunk at a bar – She’s a wonderful sight!!

Jess is a wonderful lady – And a wonderful mother as well
She has four beautiful daughters – As a mother she did excel
And now for a thought – That you might think a little wild
After today, Jess if you will – You now have a fifth child!!

If you saw Pete’s SAT score – You’d probably just think
With a test this important – Why would Pete go out and drink
But my friend was stone sober – He’s just not real smart
But all things equal out – Pete has a wonderful heart!!

But he is a true friend – In a pinch, he’s totally unafraid
I got in a fight in high school – And he came to my aid
He tackled me and the other kid – Which pushed us over a ledge
My ankle got broken – Pete, it was truly a privilege!!

Pete visited me a UMass – And he went out for a romp
He fell into a waste pit – But we prefer to call it a swamp
He’s not a great golfer – For chubby guys it’s tough
But he loves working on his house – Where he can never get enough!!

So please join me for a toast – Let’s raise our glasses high
To Jess the new bride – And my friend Pete, her guy
May your love continue to grow – And all your dreams come true
May you still have a twinkle in your eye – When each day is through!!

Speeches For Maid of Honor

A Toast to Nicole and Chris!!

I’m the Maid of Honor – And younger sister of the bride
I’d like to give you some history – And I do so with pride
We fought as kids – Living in rooms right next door
Stealing each other’s clothes – But we both grew up, each other we adore!!

Nicole always gets what she wants – She’s been that way forever
As a kid she decided to be a lawyer – And pursued that very endeavor
And when she first saw Chris in law school – She sat down at his side
He really had no idea – But Nicole had already decided to be his bride!!

Nicole is the classic, Girly Lawyer – Professional in demeanor and dress
At her bachelorette party dancing – No feeling did Nicole repress
Nicole and Chris love to travel – And she loves to shop and dance
She loves food and dining out – Which they do at every chance!!

So now I’d like to propose a toast – To Nicole and Chris, her new groom
Would you all please join with me – Each of you in this room
May all your dreams come true – And your love continue to grow
May you always have a twinkle in your eye – While down the road of life you go!!

A Toast to Bridget & Ben!!

I rise for a toast – And I do so with pride
For I am the Maid of Honor – To Bridget, the new bride
Who in case you don’t know it – Is very caring at heart
As well as hard working – And of course very smart!!

They met each other at college – Where Ben studied to be an engineer
And Bridget studied Graphic arts – And suddenly it was clear
This relationship was a keeper – And these two would wed
I think Bridget decided when – And Ben went where he was led!!

They have many friends – And have a reputation far and wide
Of being the perfect matchmakers – Trust me, it’s justified
If they introduce you – You have probably just met
Your new husband or wife – It’s a pretty good bet!!

They love going to movies – Or grilling out with friends
Or eating at a new restaurant – A cup of Starbucks at the end
This wedding was carefully planned – No detail was too small
I did hear Ben use the word pricey – But exactly when, I don’t recall!!

Now join me in toasting – This new bride and groom
Please all lift your glasses – Each of you in this room
May all your dreams come true – And your love continue to grow
May you always be smiling – While down the road of life you go!!

Father of the Bride Speeches

To My Daughter on her wedding day!!

Today is a happy day – As a father I’m very proud
Carrie, you’re very special – And always stood out in the crowd
You’re marrying a wonderful man – Who is polite I might add
He called me asking for your hand – I was truly impressed and glad!!

I remember as a little girl – You and your cousins put on shows
Sara, Saasha and friends – Waiting for the crowd to shout Bravo
You even took it to extreme – Putting capes and boots on your cats
Felicia and Cheryl looked confused – As you tried to get them to perform their acts!!

Sara & Saasha used to fight – Over who got to carry you around
Since your name was Carrie – They felt you should be carried, quite profound
You and friends used to slide – On pillows down that big staircase
The whole event was secret – To get hurt would have been a disgrace!!

At a moment like this – Memories flood my mind
For my little girl is grown – And now I’m left behind
I remember my new sports car – You wanted to drive to Spring Break
All the way to Panama City Florida – With reservation I let you take!!

To say that I was worried – Is an understatement indeed
But you made it back safely – My expectations you’d always exceed
You and Steve have good jobs – As a couple you’ve both done quite well
You both are college graduates – And you both have a tendency to excel!!

Steve is an awesome hockey player – The best on his amateur team
Since he grew up in Newfoundland – He’s played hockey to an extreme
Carrie of course was a cheerleader – And played volleyball way back when
Both are dedicated Cubs fans – I like the Cardinals, amen!!

Carrie has a degree in Public Relations – But a headhunter was her first job
Interning with UPS in college – They sent her recruiting to a rock concert mob
It gave her the experience – To get her foot into the door
Which is how she became a headhunter – A job that paid well, I’m sure!!

Now I’d like to present a toast – To my daughter and her new groom
Please, all join with me – Each of you in this room
May the love you feel right now – Keep growing day by day
When you look into each others eyes – May there be nothing you need to say!!

Toasts for the Bride

A Toast To My New Husband!!

To find a true Soul Mate – It was hard to believe
This kind of compatability – Takes patience to achieve
But Tom, you and I kept trying – And really, how did we meet
Of all places, eHarmony – And I found this guy so sweet!!

Now maybe this fact is true – That opposites do attract
For we have our many differences – On this we agree it’s a fact
Tom loves to clip coupons – And recycle to the nth degree
He even wanted it included – In our wedding vows you see!!

This man totally reminds me – Of the movie “A Beautiful Mind”
For he loves to study problems – To see what he can find
He’s a gifted Engineer – As his boss is quick to say
In his field, Tom’s an Icon – So this is no cliché!!

Your kids even tell you –“Dad, you’re such a Nerd”
I know it’s said with love – Kids can explain things in a word
And I guess that’s what you are – Studying equations hour after hour
Then solving a problem – Something your brain loves to devour!!

After we decided to marry – You looked at me with love
As a Republican you were surprised – A “Lib” was your little turtledove
You may be conservative – But you’re also a truly caring guy
Who’s very kind and considerate – Around strangers a little shy!!

You are passionate about family – With devotion to career as number two
A man who keeps his promises – For me that’s something new
And when it comes to tools – A non-negotiable item for sure
A man who’s a little frugal – With a heart that’s truly pure!!

Please all lift your glasses – To the man who’s now my groom
The love of my life and Soul Mate – Who causes my spirit to bloom
May our love keep on growing – May all your dreams come true
Like my dream that was fulfilled – The day that I found you!!

Toasts for the Groom

To the lady of my dreams – I’m down on bended knee
To ask for your hand – With all the love you see
I present you with the perfect ring – The special one of your choice
Knowing how much you love it – It makes my heart rejoice!!

We truly should drink a toast – With a glass of Zinfandel wine
I’m the happiest guy in the world – Look at me, do my eyes have a shine
The promise ring was wonderful – It gave both of us a chance
To let our love grow and grow – We truly had a wonderful dance!!

So darling, raise your glass – I propose a toast to you and me
To the woman of my dreams – From the man filled with ecstasy
May our love continue to grow – May all our dreams come true
50 years from now may we still – Love each other, through and through!!

Toast for Mother of the Bride

A Toast To Shannon & Nick!!

I rise for a toast – Yes, I’m the mother of the bride
But also the Matron of Honor – And I say this with pride
Before I propose the toast – Some background I’ll give
Call it a historical journey – Because Shannon loves to live!!

Shannon is truly a cowgirl – Living on a ranch her whole life
As a little girl she wished – She were Clint Eastwood’s wife
She had this old broom – That she dressed just like him
She called it Clint Eastwood – But he looked more like Slim!!

She loved riding horses – And working with her Dad
Stopping at the Wild Horse Café – Where the spaghetti wasn’t bad
But it had to be cut – In just that certain way
Only her Dad could do it – We still joke about it today!!

When it came to breaking rules – Shannon was as consistent as can be
It didn’t matter the offense – I’m sure on this she’ll agree
Be it ditching school or partying – Or wrecking the old truck
Shannon always got caught – She just had bad luck!!

She loved our vacations to Oregon – She’d ride in the trailer all the way
Shannon would be the cook – We’d have Nachos every day
She loved the Indian Casinos – Wanting to stop on every trip
For she has a love for people – And enjoys the fellowship!!

She fought with both her brothers – As boys and girls usually do
Forrest her older brother – And Shannon had different points of view
Mason who’s ten years younger – Would torment her any way he could
When her date arrived he’d say – “Your Miracle Bra looks good”!!

She’s a dedicated hard worker – Who’s never without a smile
Her last two years of high school – She had a two hour drive and many miles
When her Grandma was ill – She helped day and night
As you can see I’m quite proud – My little girl is a delight!!